Threat to the Local Green Belt

Bramcote Conservation Society is asking you to join us in objecting to the development of the Green Belt for the following reasons.


The total number of houses required by Broxtowe Council to meet their projected needs in the borough of Broxtowe in the next 15 years is 6150. Of this figure 3850 can currently be achieved by developing outside of the green belt. The balance of 2300 homes they want to find from the Green Belt which will mean up to 118 hectares of land being developed, depending on the density of building. This is the equivalent of an area of 118 football pitches disappearing from the green belt in the next 15 years. These local potential areas of development are outlined on the map displayed at the back.

Does this have to be so? Are there alternatives? Well, the figures that these projected demands are base on are four years old and have been found to contain inaccuracies. A lot has happened since the recession has taken hold. Builders are not able to sell houses that they have planning permission for and so are not building them. On speaking to a local builder regarding the possibility building more houses he said. 'We can't sell the houses that we have already built.' On mentioning this quote to a council official in the planning department I was told that we 'still need to plan for the future regardless of the current financial climate'.

Are their alternatives to the Greenbelt? I believe that there are looking at the Council's figures. Based on there proposed demand of 2300 this can be achieved by building on the Brown belt. How, well, 400 can be built on the Boots site and 150 at the back of Lilac Grove both are near to Beeston and its amenities. 150 on the Barton's site once again near to amenities and adjacent to the tram and 1,578 at Chetwynd Barracks near to amenities and access to the A52/M1. Now not all of these areas have been released yet. But, this plan is for the next 15 years and so there is plenty of time to liaise with Boots, Bartons the MOD and Severn Trent and incorporate other smaller areas to achieve the target. In the meantime there are 3850 dwellings to be built which if this were achieved would mean the council would meet its target of 340 new houses being built each year for the next 11 years. This is in excess of what is currently being achieved.

So, why do we have a Greenbelt? Well according to the Government in its Planning and Policy Guidance notes no 2, the purpose is to check the unrestricted sprawl of large built up areas, prevent neighbouring towns from merging into one another, to assist in safeguarding the countryside from encroachment, to preserve the setting and special character of historic towns and to assist in urban regeneration, by encouraging the recycling of derelict and other urban land. The uses of green belt of course are numerous  including opportunities for rest, relaxation, sport, retention of attractive landscapes and the retention of land in agricultural, forestry and related uses.

However according to a local council official with responsibility for planing these purposes are being misused and that it should only be for separating large conurbations such as Nottingham and Derby and not the towns/villages in the local vicinity of a city.

Saving our Green Belt will provided an essential buffer between Chilwell and Toton, Bramcote and Stapleford, and Bilborough and Stapleford. This is to prevent the area becoming an even bigger conurbation running between Nottingham and Long Eaton a distance of over six miles before a break. The Green belt as mentioned was put in place to prevent Urban Sprawl and to provide areas for rest and relaxation. The councils view that we will only be losing just over two percent of our Greenbelt does not stand up when we are losing it in the areas where it is needed the most. We urge you to ask the council to rethink its plans for the above reasons and to register your objection by signing the petition, our letter of objection of which we already have 120 and by contacting the council by e-mail if you can or by filling in the Aligned Core Strategy Response form which we have copies of in a much more user friendly paper format.

Thank you for your attention tonight and your support.

Please do not let them take the 'easy option' of developing the Green Belt.

There are alternatives.

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